That Kinda Feeling

It is an amazing Friday afternoon maybe cause it’s finally the weekend or maybe because my shitty week is finally over. Shitty really???? I don’t think it was that bad.I got discharge from hospital on Monday spent the day with my brother and friend before she ventured out to a new country for a new job,yaaay!!! The sad part of the day though,she is LEAVING!!! My ride and die partner in crime,my adventurous soul mate but oh well,this is definitely not the last of us. Thank God for flights and travel.The beauty of life.

Got back to work on Tuesday ,arrgh!!! why??? I have this swollen throat/neck courtesy of the central line procedure done in hospital to help in blood transfusion and medicine administration during my admission,feeling a tad bit crappy but work is piling and scheduled meetings attendance mandatory but what the hell.That’s the life of a WARRIOR.

Wednesday wasn’t any better.The rains came pouring down, letting out its frustration on us ,soggy and tired  plus missed out on the screening of Kill Bill ,schuck!!life beats you to a pulp when it decides too but it’s never that serious. Was definitely looking forward to a new day

Thursday was cool and chilled towards the evening.I spent time with friends talking ,laughing,dancing ,getting a bit intoxicated,being controllable naughty(if this is even possible or makes sense) and got counselled in the process….a whole lot going on with my confused self.Me figuring me and struggling;guess that’s life .Made new friends;the beautiful global village we live in ,had fun doing it and plus new amazing memories in the process. Yap!!!The weekend is finally looking up.

Today,my day is feeling blessed and happy.Finally planning to attend that prolonged yoga class courtesy of my munchkin,buddy. Work is smooth and the music booming in my ears ,well,am on cloud nine.Actually my inspiration for writing the post is

Have a listen,maybe you too will get some inspiration.

……..That Kinda Feeling.

Lovely weekend good people ,live life ,have fun and let down your troubles at least for the weekend.


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